We Believe Learning
Math should be Engaging & Fun!

There are countless articles and theories on how math should be taught and all of them have their valid points. We believe that the biggest key to success in learning math is making it fun and engaging! With that in mind, we are offering a tutoring program that utilizes online applications to turn math learning into adventures and games. These applications are designed to engage your child and encourage a love for math. Put them in a room where they can also share their achievements with their peers and we believe we have a recipe for future math lovers!

We’re currently piloting two different online Math applications, PRODIGY and WOWZERS to bring online personalized math tutoring to Jr Innovators.

Other Information

All sessions will take place at the Idea Room in Waterdown.  5 Hamilton St N B, Waterdown, ON L0R 2H0.  Session times will be on Mondays at 5:30pm and 6:30pm

Yes, there will be instructor/tutor present to support and encourage students on their learning journey or to explain math concepts or solve technical issues.

Yes and we want to encourage it. Each child will be given a premium account to both Wowzers and Prodigy as long as they are enrolled with Jr Innovators. We feel that students will experience deeper engagement by working with their peers in a fun and exciting environment as opposed to sitting in front of a computer by themselves.

Well, isn’t two always better than 1? Maybe not, but we figured we’d pilot both programs for now. Both have similar features such as pre and post testing and have the ability to create customized curriculum for the child based on their test results. And if a child gets bored of one, they can always switch over to the other platform. Both platforms have all the features and functionality unlocked to the student, providing a complete and immersive experience.

Your commitment to our program is month to month, so invoices will be sent out on the 1st of the month to parents.

If you choose to withdraw your child from our program, please send us an email at discover@jrinnovators.com   You child’s membership will continue to until the completion of the month.  We ask that you try to give us at least 2 weeks notice before the end of the month.

How it Works!

Beginning on February 3rd, Jr Innovators be offering 2 – 1 hour sessions on Mondays and Saturdays. We are limiting it to only 8 children per session at this time.

Students will arrive at JR Innovators and login to their premium accounts on either Prodigy or Wowzers.

  • Through pre and post assessments, each of the applications will create a personalized learning path for the child.
  • During the hour students will login to their premium accounts and play through adventures and challenges that support and strengthen their math skills.
  • Tutor(s) will be on hand to help with math problems or technical issues during the hour.
  • Parents will receive monthly reports regarding the progress of their child within each application.

Cost Includes

  • 1 hour a week of Math in classroom environment
  • Customized learning path for your child
  • Full access to Wowzers and Prodigy Math Programs
  • Monthly parent reports
  • No long-term commitment, only month to month

Cost: $40/month (plus tax)

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